11 May 2011


Windows are not complete without curtains or window blinds, isn’t it? Imagine having a window without those blinds. Don’t you feel a little bare, and most especially plain? Yes, you might think that I am a little vain about windows but I think that blinds are very important when it comes to it. So here are some tips on how to find the best window blinds for you.

* First, you have to consider your needs of having window blinds. How do you want your blinds to serve its purpose? If you are looking for something that gives privacy inside your home, then you should get blinds that are non-transparent. If you want your blinds to control the lighting, a more transparent one is recommended. * Second, you have to select the material of your blinds. Window blinds comes in different material, most of them are made in plastic. But there are blinds that are made from wood, fabric, and metal. Blinds made from plastic are easy to clean and maintain, while the fabric material needs to be washed frequently. On the other hand, blinds that are made up of wood and metal are usually used outdoors. They very durable and can stand on any weather. * The next step would be to decide on the structure of your blinds. Roller shades provides complete window coverage; and designs like top –down blinds also provide privacy but you can adjust the height of it as you desire. Meanwhile, window blinds with pleated designs not only covers your window but it also provide a lighting effect because of the slats in it. There are also blinds with cords so you can adjust the height and lighting of your blinds. * To control the lighting, you can use metal or wood blinds to block the sun’s rays but still have that natural lighting. If you prefer a dramatic kind of lighting, natural blinds that are made from bamboo sticks is recommended for you. But if you totally want the light to be blocked, you can use cellular shades that are non-sheer. * Lastly, the design of your window blinds should not be compromised. You can choose blinds in different colors and finish. I suggest that you choose blinds in simple design so as to not overly emphasize your windows.

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