14 January 2011

Perfect Optimizer v with serial

Perfect Optimizer v

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Perfect Optimizer is awarding product tested and certified by IT experts from  famous company around the world. Also Perfect Optimizer with good customer supports sells well and keeps increasing since the launch.This is an important factor why I choose to consider Perfect Optimizer before any trial.
Secondly, this tool is actually a power suite, which contains almost all the functions such as do Registry Cleaner, PC Optimizer, PC Repair, PC Cleaner and more. Owning this all-in-one suite, I don’t need other tool anymore. And with it, my computer got sped up and got rid of  PC junks including invalid registry entities,  temp files and IE history.
At last, comparing to other registry cleaners and pc optimizers, Perfect Optimizer taking advantage of new technology and good developing team makes a low-CPU-usage, high-accurate-scanner fast and easy one. That’s not all the reasons why we should choose Perfect Optimizer , and continue to read and I will show you more details of Perfect Optimizer.

Main Features of Perfect Optimizer

Easy & Safe to Use

Graph Interface of all tasks are available, which makes easy for you to use Perfect Optimizer. And this tool is also safe to use ,result from being verified and scanning by three-third organization. Personally, I, as a IT engineer, has tested it with McAfee, no adware, spyware and virus was found during the download and installment. And in the usage, I also not get errors or damage on my PC with this tool.

Deep Scanning

Unlike other “awesome fast” tool, this one takes a few minutes of me to scan my computer, it may be time-consuming but thorough. I’m happy that my computer got scanned thoroughly and accurately.

Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleaner is a main feature of this product.  Like other one, this tool cleans bad registry entities and repairs invalid ones to be as one of many measures to speed up your computer and be maximize your PC’s potentials.

Optimization & Repairs

Cleaning and Repairing is not the only one measure to speed up and maximize your PC performance. With Perfect Optimizer, you can do that in allover ways, such as cleaning useless junk files and temp files, repairing Errors of ActiveX and adjusting setting properly. The details is so complicated to review and if you like anyway, you can click here to see details of those technology of this tool.

Total Defragment

Well, this is another way to optimizer your system and analyze current registry fragmentation by defragment system registry . If fragmented, you should not be hesitated to fragment your registry at once, because it really can speed up the performance and speed of your computer. But remember that you need to reboot your system after the defragmentation.

Total Evidence Cleaner

Are you tired of finding and cleaning INDEX.DAT of IE. Sure, I also experienced this issue. In order to clean my IE history and Windows History,I have tried a lot of Tools, but the results always let me down until I knew and used Perfect Optimizer, which really clean my IE history and Windows Setting history.

File Eraser

Yes, you can use this feature to eraser your secret files preventing other one stolen or see it. But you should use it carefully because it will eraser the file permanently.

Maintenance & Diagnostics

Although we can speed up our computers using those tools, but the maintenance and diagnostics play an important role to keep your computer easy and efficient to use.  Perfect Optimizer gives you a opportunity to keep your computer efficient by adjusting settings, updating your system, and uninstalling useless programs. More Detail Here.

Backup & Recovery

To keep you getting rid of anxiety, this tool can backup your settings registry automatically or manually as you like. If disaster takes place, you can recover your computer with your priori backup.

Automatic Updates

Yes , Perfect Optimizer can update itself automatically.

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